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Top Rarest flowers to exchange with your loved ones

Something that is rare is considered to be more beautiful and expensive. You can surprise your loved ones with some of the rarest kinds of flowers that will blow their minds. It will bring immense happiness and love between your bonds.

So, here’s a list of some of the most alluring and rare flowers:-

Star cluster – Flowers

A star cluster is a five-petal bloom with a wonderful smell and also a star bunch is a five-petalled bloom and comes in colours like red, white, lavender, purple, and pink, and some also have two shaded hues. 

These blossoms are held in terminal clusters and frequently draw in butterflies and hummingbirds by virtue of their pleasant smell. You can order flowers online and surprise your loved ones. 

Gerbera daisy

The Gerbera daisy is a red flower with a golden shade in the middle. The Gerbera daisy is a perennial plant which is acclaimed for its splendidly hued blossoms. It looks like enormous daisies with a golden centre encompassed by a few petals. Moreover, the shades of this bloom range from white, orange, cream, and pink to red and violet. 

Amaryllis – Flowers

Amaryllis blossoms symbolise radiant beauty. These tall-stemmed, trumpet-like blossoms represent vibrancy. It is said that this flower was brought into the world by a shy shepherdess who pierced her heart to make this blood-red bloom. The Amaryllis blossom represents pride, assurance, and magnificence. It comes in a few varieties, like white, pink, cream, orange, and red. The


Poinsettia flowers represent achievement and success. The poinsettia is a radiant red blossom which is native to America. A poinsettia isn’t really a bloom; a bunch of leaves that change tone and structure an incredible tint that individuals love. They come in colours like orange and cream, yet all at once, mostly in red. The poinsettia is many times considered an epitome of purity, and it represents happiness and success.

Red tulips – Flowers

Red tulips are an image of true love. However, Like red roses, tulips associate with affection and enthusiasm. Exquisite and heartfelt, the red tulip is the ideal blossom to show overwhelming adoration. Red tulips hold historical value. A Turkish ruler named Farad was love-struck by a lady named Shirin. 

At the point when he found out about Shirin’s passing and he was so despondent that he committed suicide by riding his horse off the cliff. It accept that the red tulips sprang from every drop of his blood. In this manner, red tulips represent divine love. You can also get online flower delivery in Gurgaon at your doorstep.

Red Lilli

lilies imply an association or a partnership. Lilies come in various sizes and tones like yellow, white, lavender, orange, and red. This rich and extraordinary blossom rouses sensations of enthusiastic love and desire. Lilies use as a symbol of association, organisation, and a long-lasting relationship at weddings. Lily frequently connects with the Virgin Mary, hence it considers an image of purity and chastity.

Zinnia – Flowers

A splendid zinnia bloom is an image of enduring affection and consistency. Moreover, Zinnia is a rare and phenomenal flower, and very few individuals are familiar with it. This is a little blossom that is local to Mexico and tracks broadly in South America. It comes in brilliant and vivid tones, which make it stand apart from the rest and also zinnia is a symbol of adoration, goodness, and consistency. 


The red aster represents love and persistence. Moreover, Aster is perhaps the most well-known and delightful flower. Their magnificence, pretty blossom heads, and soft surface have consistently made them a captivating bloom. Aster is available in different varieties of shades like white, purple, red, and yellow. 

Celosia – Flowers

Celosia blossoms convey a strong emotion of strength. The name Celosia comes from the Greek word ‘Kleos’, which means “burned,” because this flower looks as though its head is on fire. It is a tropical plant with delightful blossoms use for decoration in nurseries and weddings. 

Celosia blossom symbolises strength, humour, and warmth. This flower can also use for medicinal purposes to treat chest problems and diarrhoea. Moreover, Red roses view as an image of adoration, want, and energy, while anthurium represents bliss, neighbourliness, and overflow. Along these lines, next time you meet somebody special and needs to express your sentiments to them, give them a few beautiful flowers.

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