Falcon Show Dubai

Falcon Show Dubai – Everything You Need to Know

Dubai has a long history and rich heritage. Dubai is a unique and beautiful place. Its buildings are some of the most magnificent and ornate on the planet, and its people are friendly and welcoming.You’ll want to return again and again.

Besides providing falcon shows that are professionally conducted, we also offer private and falcon shows. Falconry is more than just a hobby; it’s also a business, and our shows are a great way to connect with people and make money.

Traditional Falconry

Traditional falconry shows are available on a variety of our desert safaris. This brief guide will teach you all you should be aware of about falcon shows in Dubai. We offer traditional falconry shows to provide insight into the history of falcons in the region, as with every falconry show we offer.

You’ll see how falconers train the majestic birds to fly and swoop in to catch lures. This guide will give you an idea of the various falcon shows offered in the Desert Safaris, as well as some tips

Modern Falconry

The art of falconry has been around for thousands of years, but the methods employed have changed dramatically over the past few decades. Presently, falcons are kept healthy with high-tech equipment such as drones.

To expose guests to both the traditional and the contemporary We offer contemporary interactive falconry demonstrations during two desert safaris. It includes demonstrations of methods that are traditional and current for training falcons.

These birds can fly at speeds of up to 300km/h in this show as they soar through the heavens above drones. You’ll also learn about falconry’s history.

Bedouin Falconry

However, people of the United Arab Emirates consider falcons to be family and have developed a strong relationship between humans and Falcons. In-person the Bedouin falconer shows you how he hunts with the falcons. This is a fun show performed in multiple locations across the United States. Hunting falcons in most United Arab Emirates regions is not permissible.

You can experience the Bedouin falcon spectacle as part of the Bedouin Collection. An Emirati performs the falcon show at the Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve. It is the oldest falcon show that incorporates all features that are part of Bedouin life into a completely engaging experience.

Visitors travel on camels through the desert until they reach an area where they can hop off and take the carpets pulled by camels. This time, we will have a less formal show, and the audience is welcome to ask questions. They then have a spot to relax and watch the spectacle.

While falcons are the ones that receive the most attention, a variety of birds of prey hail from Dubai. Birds like hawks, falcons and even eagles are common throughout the area.

We offer Falconry & Interactive Birds of Prey Shows that are highly engaging and interactive, allowing guests to be part of the experience. There are many kinds of falcon shows, and the falcon show is one of the longer ones.

Exclusive Falconry

Many of our luxury desert safaris come with an exclusive falconry experience designed to showcase the elegant aspect of falconry. The Platinum Collection offers very exclusive falcon shows in small numbers and even the option of a personal falcon experience.

These shows with falcons are for those who want the most luxurious experience and also get to know about the importance of culture to falcons in the UAE.

Hot Air Balloon Falconry

It’s wonderful to be the only company worldwide to offer people the opportunity to see falcons in flight on hot air balloons. It’s truly an unforgettable experience to view falcons in flight in Dubai, which is the world’s most beautiful city.

Falcons are an image of status. Some are sold for a million dirhams. These birds are usually associated with wealth, luxury, and privilege.In this adventure, you will take an amazing hot air balloon ride over the Arabian desert, as sunrise approaches. This is one of the most amazing photo opportunities in Dubai and truly is one-of-a-kind!

At around 4,000 feet, halfway during this flight the falcon gets released and soars through the morning sun’s golden hue as it circles the hot air balloons.

Why Are Falcons So Important In Dubai?

Before Dubai was home to the spectacular falcon shows we enjoy in the present it was the Bedouin who were using these stunning birds to survive. The significance of falcons in Dubai has rooted thousands of years ago.

Food hunting was an element of Bedouin’s daily routine and the falcon played an important part in their hunt. In the event of capturing and training falcons, they were able to pursue their prey more effectively during the winter.
Falcons can help locate and kill wild animals such as birds, hares and gazelles. These are the main source of food for Bedouin people.

The long-standing relationship that the Bedouin people had with falcons is an intriguing aspect of the region’s past. Being able to experience a real falcon show in person gives you an insight into the past. What’s fascinating about the Bedouin community’s interaction with falcons was how brief-lived it was.

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