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Ideas for Your Church This Fall Festival

Churches can host outreach events that can be planned for the autumn. The church you attend is likely to have back-to-school celebration for children. As well as a fifth-quarter event for students and fall festival for families already scheduled on the calendar. This is what churches are doing.

Establish a gospel discussion objective for your church

In every one of these outreach events, you should make an evangelism focus for the event. The gospel discussions that occur as a result of these planned outreach events could be a significant driver for revitalization and growth within your church. This will only occur in the event that your members of your church are well-trained and committed. So, establish a goal to train your members, and create opportunities for gospel discussions to take place.

Offer a breakfast to teachers from a local school.

School begins in only 11 days in Tennessee however, other schools will be opening in the near future too. Make use of the start of school as an fall festival to reach out to local administrators, teachers as well as bus drivers, aides and staff.

Make a booth available at the fair in your county or state.

County fairs are an enormous deal in our area of Tennessee. And the one located in the county I live in, Wilson County, is one of the biggest bargains. Many churches in the area have booths during the fair and offer free face painting, or tattoos with henna to facilitate gospel-based conversations. The most important thing is to be intentional with your booth, and also to educate your employees in gospel conversation.

Wear church t-shirts for a local gathering.

This may be connected to the prior item, or perhaps a few other items on this list. The fall festival ideas for church of having your church members wear church t-shirts for a particular occasion. Particularly one where your church will be serving – can increase awareness for the church.

Organize a hunting event for males.

The beginning of hunting season is a significant celebration for men all over. Think about hosting a celebration for the hunting season, such as the men’s meal and let the men of your church invite their buddies. This could serve as a way to start new small groups, too.

Pumpkin Face Painting

Face painting is always a hit but it takes quite a while when you only have the three to four participants working each face one at a. Instead of having people paint faces, you can set up an area that has paint brushes and small containers of paint and let the guests transform them or their friend into a pumpkin, by painting their own faces. Create a digital photo booth that allows them to take pictures and upload them on churches’ social media pages. Don’t forget to cast your vote for the most attractive faces.

Find a Needle in the Haystack

It’s not really a needle however, you can hide small prizes in a haystack. Let children rummage through the hay for chocolates or other small prizes. The hay can be spread out across a larger area instead of storing them in bales. Sandboxes are another excellent method to conceal treats and let the kids look for items.

Miniature Golf

Create a mini golf course in the lawn of the church. Find out from the golf course in your area whether they have putters to borrow, along with golf balls. Alternately, you can put up a few lanes in a room that has carpet. Make a small hole of the top of the box for the ball to enter. If your child can make an opening within the first (or two) then they will be awarded the prize.

Get Creative and Innovative

Maintaining your fall festival as lively and appealing requires imagination. Slides, bounce houses and other rental options for corporate events are excellent outdoor displays that attract lots of attention. Young and old alike love the slides. It’s a fantastic option to add some exercise and physical exercise to your event. Everyone enjoys the cake walk and trick or treat, but rental rentals for parties are available in Katy, Texas increase the enjoyment and excitement of your autumn festival. Get the most memorable autumn festival in your town to ensure your children’s safety on Halloween.


The autumn evenings are usually dark earlier , and temperatures can turn pleasant. You could consider having a movie night on the church’s lawn. make sure families invite friends and neighbors. Make sure you have popcorn and water available. And you’ll be sure to enjoy a memorable family-friendly fall festival that everyone will love.

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