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Silvana Mojica – Dave Portnoy’s Girlfriend

Silvana Mojica is a model and social media influencer

Silvana Mojica is an American model and social media influencer who is popular for her beautiful photos. She is very active on her social media accounts and has over two hundred thousand Instagram followers. She works as a social media marketing assistant for a fashion brand. She was born on April 8, 1995, in Colombia, South America. She is currently 27 years old and lives in Florida.

Silvana Mojica has been active in the modeling world for several years. She has modeled for major brands and graced the covers of numerous magazines in the United States. She also has a large fan base. While not very active on Facebook, she does share photos of her recent modeling photo shoots.

Silvana Mojica has a net worth of around $1 million USD. She has a sister named Valeria Mojica. She is of mixed ethnicity and follows Christianity. She has previously dated Corner Mckenzie.

She is a Colombian-American

Silvana Mojica has been linked to a number of Hollywood celebrities, including Dave Portnoy. She was born in Colombia in 1995 and has lived in Florida. She recently made headlines when she posted pictures of herself with the actor on social media.

Silvana Mojica, 25, is a model, self-employed marketer, and influencer. She is also a social media personality and blogger. Dave Portnoy and Silvana Mojica have been in a relationship for quite some time.

Silvana Mojica is a talented model and has worked for various companies. In the summer of 2018, she worked as a junior account manager at UnCommon Fashion. Her stint with the company lasted for five months. She then joined Scream Company as an account executive in November 2018. She is also the brand ambassador for Strike Magazine. She also did a commercial for the jewellery brand Kasa Karly.

Silvana Mojica is a college graduate and a social media star. She has a younger sister named Valeria. She is a Christian and a member of the Aries zodiac. She attended Florida State University and earned her Bachelor’s degree in marketing.

She is of mixed ethnicity

Silvana Mojica is the girlfriend of actor Dave Portnoy. She is five feet six inches tall and weighs 56 kg. She has a beautiful face and a slim body. She has been in the media recently because of her connection to the actor. In March, she appeared on a Miami magazine page, where she shared photos of herself. Fans immediately began to speculate about her relationship with the actor.

The relationship between the two stars first broke the internet in March of last year when Silvana shared photos of herself on social media. Among the pictures she shared were of the two at the Miami hotspot Komodo. Silvana also posted a photo of herself with Dave on her Instagram account.

Silvana Mojica is 26 years old and is a member of the Christian faith. She was born in Colombia to unnamed parents. She has dual citizenship in the United States and Colombia. She also has a sister named Valeria Mojica.

She is a Christian

Silvana Mojica, a professional model, is linked to Dave Portnoy. She was born on 8 April 1995 in Colombia but grew up in Florida. Silvana and Dave first became romantically linked in March last year and are now believed to be dating. She has not shared her telephone number with the public, but is active on social media.

Silvana Mojica is an internet personality and a model, and has attracted a large following via social media. She is an avid foodie, and enjoys visiting her favorite restaurants and trying new food. She also loves traveling and exploring new places.

Dave Portnoy’s marriage ended in 2017 after Renee Satterthwaite, the “First Lady of Barstool Nation”, found out about his extramarital relationship with Jordyn Hamilton. He is one of the most famous and well-known social media personalities. He is reportedly dating Colombian model Silvana Mojica, who is taller than Dave Portnoy.

Silvana Mojica is a Colombian model and social media influencer. Her fashion posts on Instagram have earned her recognition and thousands of followers. She is currently working as a social media marketing assistant for a fashion company. She has been in a relationship with Dave Portnoy since March 2021.

She is in her twenties

Silvana Mojica is a 26-year-old model who was photographed with Dave Portnoy in Miami in March of last year. The photos, which were shared on social media by Silvana, showed the two spending time together. Some observant fans speculated that Silvana and Dave were dating.

Silvana Mojica is a model by profession and works for a Miami-based fashion and garment company. Prior to Miami, she also worked in Atlanta and Orlando. She is a graduate of Florida State University and Valencia College. The couple began dating last March.

Silvana Mojica is a popular Instagram user and is often posted on the social media site. She has over 13,000 followers and has published 104 posts. Her “Highlights” section includes pictures of her travels.

Silvana Mojica is an assistant in social media marketing at a Miami-based garment company. Previously, she worked in Atlanta and Orlando. She has a BA in marketing from Florida State University. Upon graduation, she worked for an Atlanta fashion design firm. She also models for various clients online. In March, Silvana and Dave were photographed together at a Miami nightclub.

She works as a social media marketing assistant for a garment and fashion company

Silvana Mojica is a social media marketing assistant for a Miami-based garment and fashion company. She has an educational background in business, but little is known about her personal life. She was born in Columbia and grew up in Florida. Her parents were from Colombia, but she has not revealed any information about them. She went to West Orange High School and Valencia College before getting her bachelor’s degree in marketing at Florida State University.

Silvana Mojica was born on April 8 in Colombia, South America. She is currently 27 years old and lives in Florida. Her father was a Colombian businessman, and she has no siblings. However, she has worked in the garment industry for the past four years.

Silvana Mojica has a strong social media following, with over 219k followers on Instagram. She is a fashion influencer and has become an internet celebrity. She is also a model and has signed a modeling contract with an American-based modeling agency.

She is worth $2-3 million

Silvana Mojica is a stunning model who was previously in a relationship with Connor McKenzie. She is currently in the news for rumors about a possible relationship with Dave Portnoy, who she has been seen on numerous occasions with. She has posted several photos and video clips on social media of herself and the actor.

Silvana Mojica’s net worth is not known. She is a talented young lady who worked in the fashion industry for five months before landing a job as an account executive for Scream Company in November 2018. She held the role in Orlando for over a year, and currently works at Giti Incorporation in Miami. In addition to her career as a model, Silvana Mojica is also a social media marketing assistant.

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Silvana Mojica is worth $2 to 3 million dollars. She has a wide range of interests, including travel and nature. Her modeling career has helped her gain notoriety and influence in the fashion industry. She has been linked to various celebrities, and she regularly shares pictures with them on social media.

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